LEd Night lighting Systems

Without landscape lighting you're only using half of your landscape's potential. Not only is landscape lighting a great feature for keeping your family and visitors safe, it also brings your living space to life at night. All of our lighting fixtures are high quality, low voltage LED's with lifespans of up to 50,000 hours. We commonly install path lights, under cap wall and step lights, up-lighting on trees and shrubs and water feature lighting. We can install systems as simple as a few path lights leading up your walkway, to something as intricate as a whole yard system with individual fixture dimming and zoning capabilities controlled from your smart phone. 

sound systems

For any customer that plans on spending a lot of time entertaining for others in their outdoor living space, we recommend having an outdoor sound system installed. We custom design each sound system to compliment the design of the living space as well as the lifestyle of the customer. We can install single speaker systems for those who just want the background sound while they entertain all the way up to full yard systems for those who like to be known as "the partier" of the neighborhood. All of our speaker systems are designed to be a part of the landscape. Each speaker is specially placed where it won't be seen, but will create the perfect surround sound for your entire outdoor living space.